What content have you found most surprising?

What content have you found most surprising?

Paper instructions


In Part I, please pick and answer only one of the two questions below.

Based on Week 7’s lectures and the selections from the Qur’an in World’s Wisdom, please contrast the suras written in Mecca and Medina. Do you see any differences? If so, how can we explain these differences based on the specific historical contexts they respond to? (up to 350 words)

Which tradition(s) we have covered in the previous weeks is more similar to Sufism? Drawing on specific course content, please offer a comparative analysis of Sufism and the tradition(s) you have picked. In your comparison, you can consider key aspects such as the notion of ultimate reality/truth, concepts of divinity, reflections on the self, relationship with the environment, well-being, and harmony with the universe. You can focus on as many or as few of these aspects as you see necessary to establish your argument as well as any other additional ones you have observed. Here are some traditions to get you started with (but you are not limited to them): Daoism, Buddhism, and the Upanishads (up to 350 words)


For Part II, please answer the question below.

In reflecting on MMW 121 content through Week 7, which tradition or content have you found most interesting? What content have you found most surprising? Why? (up to 200 words)
Once you post your answers, please use the 3C+Q model to respond to at least one other post. When you engage with someone else’s post, please only address one of their answers.


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What content have you found most surprising


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