ESPN, NFL Sunday

Think of your favorite sport activities including watching sports television shows. How do these activities help shape your ideas about your life and how you interact with others? How do sports bring you, and others, a sense of meaning and purpose in social life? How are sports related to important spheres of social influence such as family, media, religion, and community?



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ESPN, NFL Sunday

There are many sport activities that I follow weekly especially during the weekends. Some of the major sporting activities include soccer, American football, cricket, formula 1, and tennis. These sport activities are very popular in the society with close to all television stations and media houses following and showing some of the events on televisions every day. It is difficult to find an individual who does not follow at least one sport in America today. The popularity of sports and sporting activities does not necessarily mean that one must be playing the sport. Many people follow sporting activities because they create a great atmosphere and can be very interesting when one has free time.

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