The final exam covers everything since the midterm exam.
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The final exam will consist of two sections:

Term and Name Identifications: 30%

Essay: 70%

On the exam, you will choose five of seven term identifications, and one of three essay questions. The essay will be chosen from the lists below.

The final exam covers everything since the midterm exam. It covers the period from 800AD to ca. 1500AD. Your grade will depend on your ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of all readings and lectures assigned in this part of the course.

Part Two

Essays – You will have a choice of one out of four of these essays. The purpose of these essays is for you to reflect critically on the material you have been given and think through central problems and broad themes of the course. Please make reference to specific examples in your essay. I am concerned with two things: 1) that you have an argument and 2) that you demonstrate a familiarity with the points and readings that could support your argument.

For each essay, compare and contrast the history of Asia, Africa, the Americas and the Middle East. Your essay must compare at least two world regions.

Answer all parts of the question in your essay to receive full points.

Did modernity arise only once in Europe as Michael Cook argues or did it emerge in other places at other times (multiple modernities)? Was Europe’s modernity due solely to its own developments or was it influenced by others – was there a global modernity?
Did conquest make a globally connected world? Or was the development of a globally connected world delayed, halted or reversed by violence, war and military conflicts around the world?
Compare and contrast the European expansion to the Mongols. How did marginal peoples at the fringes of civilization rise up to exert influence over much of the world? Which was more beneficial and why? Weigh the advantages and disadvantages in your answer.
Compare and contrast China, India, the Islamic world, Mesoamerica, the Andes and Africa – which had the most advanced society and why? Which society contributed most to the emergence of modernity? Compare and contrast at least two societies in your answer.

Dear all,
Just wanted to offer some advice for the final exam. Please do not use outside sources. The point of the exam from my perspective is to show me what you learned in the course — which to me means the assigned readings and lectures.
For the final essay a length of around 400 to 700 words is good. But I view it as a way to show me what you learned in the second half of the course so the more the better.
Of course the final exam covers everything since the midterm. Make sure to review lectures 7-13 and the (especially textbook) readings.
For the essay I will grade you on two criteria: 1) argument and 2) specific examples supporting the argument.
For the terms the grade is based on 1) identification (2 points), 2) date (2 pts), 3) significance (2 pts).
As always if you have any other questions please contact me. And remember to do your best! I saw great improvement on the position papers. The final exam is weighted more than the midterm so make sure to do your very best.


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The final exam covers everything since the midterm exam.


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