Wasn’t My Sister’s Keeper an interesting book?

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Wasn’t My Sister’s Keeper an interesting book? I added this Discussion after many students strongly encouraged the idea to discuss the book with their classmates. It is too heavy of a book to not discuss and debrief after! So let’s talk about the book! Please answer at least 2 questions from each group of questions:

Thoughts on the book

What were your initial feelings after you finished the book?
What did you think about the ending? Did you think it was an appropriate ending? How would you have liked it to end?
What is the overall message you take away from the book? What do you think the author’s message was?
If you had a child with an illness that only another child could help cure would you do what the parents did in this story?
Is it ethical what these parents did? Is it moral? Is it right?

Family Systems (Review the Powerpoint Theories of Marriages and FamiliesPreview the document)

What did you think of the family dynamics in the book? How central was the illness to how the parents parented their children?
In thinking about Bowen’s family systems theory (from the Powerpoint on Family Systems in Module 6), what are some examples of triangulation in the book?
How is the sibling position affected by the illness? How does this book illustrate the family projection process?

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Wasn’t My Sister’s Keeper an interesting book


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