Ethical Theory of Aristotle

Ethical Theory of Aristotle

I feel that if people practiced the ethical theory of Aristotle more, it would help to stop or at least slow the cycle of violence within our world. The reason I feel this way is because Aristotle’s ethical theory is that of one’s character. It means that you’re living rightly, and being a good person. Happiness was a very important feature within Aristotle’s ethics. Happiness to him was humans flourishing, each person being the best that he or she could possibly be. Friendships were also an important component to living an ethical life to Aristotle. Friendships help a person on being virtuous and building the habits of being a good person, living the good life. I feel as though if more people lived with this theory, there would be less violence. People would care more about making sure they’re living a happy life, and less about what other people are doing. I personally feel as though each person is allowed to have their own feelings and rights, as long as it is not affecting anyone else in a harmful way.

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