Ethics and Criminal Justice Systems

Ethics and Criminal Justice Systems

The required textbook chapters and “The Importance of Ethics in Criminal Justice” article discuss varying applications of ethics throughout the criminal justice system (Chauhan & Srivastava, 2009). In your discussion post, provide an analysis of the significance of ethics in the criminal justice system. Provide an example from within the past 10 years of a situation where either the functioning or public impression of the criminal justice system was harmed due to lack of proper ethical conduct. Explain how proper ethical decision making would have alleviated the problem in your example.

Ethics in a vacuum are meaningless; without moral conduct, ethics are irrelevant meaningless ideals. Examine either personal or news-worthy events, and provide examples of situations were moral actions were required, but failed to be followed. Present how things could have gone better, or difficult situations could have been avoided, through moral actions.




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In every human relations, moral conduct determines how successful an event will turn out to be as transparency is the key every positive result. Some occurrences in the social and business world have proven that it was the lack of ethics that led to failures and scandals that were publicized in the past. 2017 was full of business scandals from corporate misdeeds that were inconvenienced both the company and their clients as well. Equifax is an example case of moral misconduct in an organizational context that brought about disgrace.

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