Details: Identify a company or organization that you believe has been impacted by a management challenge.
Write a minimum four page paper plus a Cover Page and Works Cited page (in addition to four-page minimum). DOUBLE SPACE your content!

Add an End Note for any content you have obtained from a third party location.
Place the End Note after the content being documented e.g.

Provide an entry in your Works Cited page for the End Note (Citation)

The paper should address these four topics: Bold these four topics in your paper as required paragraph headers.
– Describe the challenge faced by that company or organization,
– How management has responded to that challenge,
– Your critical analysis of management’s response, and lastly
– How would you have responded to/corrected that challenge.


This paper should be written in APA (preferred) or MLA format.
Use paragraph headers for each of the topics above.
Embold the paragraph headers (questions above).
Use normal type for your content.
Use 12 point type, DOUBLE SPACE content (Please do not single space!)
Use either Arial or Times Roman type font.

Include a MINIMUM of five outside sources, three of which should be scholarly journals (NOT Wikipedia or a generic Web site). Use articles from journals like Journal of Business Ethics, Harvard Business Review, Academy of Management, etc.). The articles should demonstrate scholarly, critical business analysis.

Works Cited/End Notes
Your “WORKS CITED” page should be in alphabetical order, listed by author’s last name.
End Notes (CITATIONS): In the body of your paper document your research by inserting the author’s name, in parentheses (e.g. Walker), following the data referenced.

Post it through the ASSIGNMENTS tab. This is the Turnitin site which checks for plagiarism.
When in doubt, document what you write!


Content: 33%
Grammar: 33%
Documentation: 33%

Length of the paper:
– Cover sheet
– Content pages (Four FULL pages)
– Repeat each of the four questions above in BOLD. Write your responses in normal type.
– Works cited page
– 12 Point type, double spaced
– Ariel or Times Roman type face

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