Ethics, happiness and the good life

Ethics, happiness and the good life

In a 2–3 page scholarly paper appropriate for a professional audience, complete
the following:

  1. Explain a personal definition of the nature of happiness and a well-lived
    life, or “the good life.”
    o Provide examples to illustrate the definition.
  2. Explain personal core values and their relationship to a personal definition
    of “the good life.”
    o Describe how these values relate to a personal definition of
  3. Analyze the relationships between one’s most important personal values.
    o Do these values build upon one another in some way?
    o Is it possible for any of them to come into conflict?
    o If so, what in your view gives any value priority over others?
  4. Analyze how ethical obligations to others relate to a personal definition of
    happiness and “the good life.”
    o Is fulfilling ethical obligations to others (whether human or non-
    human) essential to achieving happiness and a well-lived life?
    o If so, what is the nature of this connection between happiness and
    ethical conduct?
    o If not, how is happiness possible without acting on ethical obligations
    to others?

Additional Requirements
Your submission should meet the following requirements:
 Written communication: Write clearly, accurately, and professionally,
incorporating sources appropriately.
 Format: Format your paper according to APA style, with a title and
reference page.
 Citations: A minimum of two scholarly sources obtained from the Capella
Library are required for this assessment. See General Education
Information Research Skills Library Guide for help with research.
Review Evidence and APA for information on how to cite sources.
 Length: Minimum 2–3 double-spaced pages, not counting the title page or

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