Eugene Bullard Essay

This essay must be at least 300 words. Research in the library or from the course bibliography. You must cite and use at least one academic source. You may research on the internet, but if you do, you must use credible sources only(Wikipedia,, blogs etc are not credible sources, for example). The following links can help you determine which sources are credible or non-credible during your research: Credible vs non-credible sourcesGetting Started With ResearchWhy I Shouldn’t Use Wikipedia and Identifying your Resources.

Remember that this is a formal essay of at least 300 words and you need an introduction (with a thesis statement), body, and conclusion.You must cite and use at least one academic source.

Tell the class the history of this person(s) as it relates to African American Military History and remember to cite where you found your information.

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Bullard was involved in the first world war for a duration of three years and also earned medals for valor. He applied to be transferred to the US Air Force but his request was neglected simply because he was a Black…
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