Evaluate the policy

Evaluate the policy

4. Evaluate the policy = 4 points

a. Will (or did) the policy achieve its goals?

b. Will (or did) the policy solve the original problem?

c. Or will (or did) the policy solve a different problem than the one originally identified?

d. What will be (or were) the costs and consequences of the policy?

e. Will (or did) the policy achieve its goals at a reasonable cost?

f. Overall, will (or was) the policy be a “success” or be a “failure”?



Solution Preview

sugar-sweetened beverages – safety warnings


According to the California state, the Senate bill no. 347 was presented by Senator Monning on the 19th February 2019 asking to add Article 15 to Chapter 5 of the fifth part of division 104 (Health and Safety Code) concerning the public health of the residents of California. This bill regulates the degree of safety in human food. This paper analyzes this bill, looking at its moral and revenue significance so far.


The current federal law on Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act regulates the packaging and quality of goods introduced within the interstate markets. It generally forbids any misbranding on goods in interstate commerce.

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