evidence based practice

evidence based practice

Qualitative research provides evidence from the individual/family/group/culture perspective. It is vital to understand that life experiences are an important source of evidence. The rich evidence gathered with qualitative research provides an in-depth examination of the human experience and cultural health beliefs of individuals and families. This week, you will be analyzing a qualitative research design including problem, data collection and analysis, and conclusions.


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Like Week 3, after viewing the Week 4 Webinar: Critical Appraisal of Quantitative Research, complete the Appraisal Guide: Findings of a Qualitative Study in this week’s resources. Of the questions discussed on the second page of the critique form, titled Credibility, which ones were identified in the article reviewed during the webinar? Describe one of the most serious flaws in this study and why it leaves you wondering if the study findings should be used as evidence in an assessment of patient safety in the home.

Note Initial Post: A three-paragraph (at least 350 words) response. Be sure to use evidencefrom the readings and include in-text citations. Utilize essay-level writing practice and skills, including the use of transitional material and organizational frames. Avoid quotes; paraphraseto incorporate evidence into your own writing. A reference list is required. Use the most current evidence (usually ≤ 5-years-old.)


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It is often difficult for one to provide proper care to patients under some circumstances, particularly in cases where the patients are terminally ill. Hence, caregivers will opt to improve the patient’s comfort as opposed to a direct effort to improve the health conditions, to ensure that the end of life is appropriate enough for the patient in addition to providing an opportunity for him or her to spend time with family

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