Executive Functioning: Problem-Solving

Executive Functioning: Problem-Solving

Problem-solving and critical thinking are abilities related to the functioning of our executive system. Problem-solving, judgment, decision-making, and reasoning are essential skills for many different aspects of life, including most jobs and careers. Problems may have one or many solutions; however, clear understanding of the problem is essential to choosing an appropriate path for problem-solving. In many career fields, problem-solving is an essential skill. “Soft skills” are those job skills that include the ability to work well with others, particularly in team-oriented work environments where communication and collaboration are essential. Imagine that you are in a school district where you lead a team of educators. You have been assigned to hire personnel who can install accessibility equipment for children with disabilities throughout the school grounds. You have been asked by the superintendent to provide a job requirement report.

Write a 1,250- to 1,400-word job requirement report in which you address the following questions:

What are the most important executive functioning skills you would look for in a potential employee you were interviewing to hire?
As the team lead, how would you assess the employee’s executive functioning skills, including “soft skills”?
Explain how you would differentiate the strategies and principles of cognition required for this particular job posting.
Describe the questions you would ask the candidate to assess their problem-solving skills.
Explain the rationale of the types of questions you would ask to assess executive functioning skills.

Cite at least 3 peer-reviewed or similar references to support your report.

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