Discuss the concept of systems

HUS 2421 Lesson 9 **Book Course readings**
Required text: Stevens, P. & Smith, R.L. (2013). Substance abuse
counseling: Theory and Practice (5th ed). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill Prentice Hall.

Lesson 9

Please make sure that you read the following instructions and complete all assignments to receive full credit for this lesson.
1. Read Chapter Nine.
2. Read the Lesson Notes below
3. Complete the Lesson 9 Discussion Question
4. Respond to and give feedback to two classmates
Family Therapy in Substance Abuse Treatment
Chapter 9
Chapter 9 will examine the role and impact that the family has upon substance abuse behavior. Here you will see the importance of the role that the family has upon the success and failure of substance-abuse treatment. In some ways the family can be both helpful and detrimental to recovery.
Because of these factors, it is extremely important that substance abuse professionals focus upon the family system in order to address current substance problems.
Learning Objectives
• Define the family
• Discuss the concept of systems
• Examine the addictive family
• Examine the role the addictive family has upon children
• Identify and discuss the roles of survival children take on in an addictive family
• Discuss treatment options for the addictive family

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Children of Alcoholics At SchoolC:\Users\zantm\Downloads\COAs AT SCHOOL.JTF60.pdf
Parents and Peer PressureC:\Users\zantm\Downloads\Peer Pressure.JTF60.pdf
Lesson 9 Discussion Question
After reading the material for this week please discuss any work-related cases that may apply. You may also discuss any personal or family experience with this topic. Please remember this is an open forum and only discuss what you are comfortable sharing.
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Discuss the concept of systems


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