Choose one  topic from the list below which are topics related to common stressors affecting children and their families:

  • Death of a parent
  • Divorce
  • Unemployed families
  • Children with special Needs
  • Parent(s) in the military
  • Moving to a new home
  • Chronic illness in the family
  • Natural disasters such as fires or earthquakes
  • Homeless families
  • Alcoholism or Drug abuse in the family
  • Parents being incarcerated
  • Domestic Violence
  • Single Parents
  • School Bullying
  • Parent(s) living abroad
  • Immigrant families

After you select one topic, you will need to answer the questions below  based on your own research using three different professional /academic resources. These include textbooks, professional journals, hospitals, universities or Government agencies only. (you might want to use three different textbooks, or three different government websites, or three different hospitals or three different journals or three resources being a combination of any of them.)

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