Federal and State Court

Federal and State Court

The objective of this assignment is to enable you to demonstrate your understanding of federal and state court authority, structures, and functions. Write an essay of 2–3 pages (double spaced, 12-point font) in which you respond to the following questions:

Where do the federal and state courts obtain their authority?
What is the structure of the federal court system, and what types of cases are addressed at the various federal court levels?
What are the key similarities and differences in the functions of federal versus state courts?
What are the key similarities and differences in the role and function of court administrators in trial, appellate, and limited-jurisdiction courts?
Choose a state. What is the structure and responsibility of the various courts in this state?
What is a quasi-judicial body, and what kinds of decisions can be reached through adjudication and other quasi-judicial proceedings?




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In America, there are two structures of the judiciary. They are the State Court system and the Federal Court System. The two systems are responsible for enforcing the law in the Country. Apparently, the United States of America is the most democratic State in the world. The Federal and State courts have different functions based on the jurisdiction.

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