Field Trip Report (Trip to the church)

Field Trip Report (Trip to the church)

For this class you are required to visit a religious site not your own. This could be a synagogue, a Christian church, a mosque, or a temple. The purpose of this trip is to report on what you saw -normally a religious service—and how it compares to your own religious upbringing and/or current practice.

The report should give a description of the site and a detailed summary of the religious service. As part of your assignment you should:

  • Describe what you observed. What were the material expressions of the service (statues, paintings, music, etc). Was there anything special going on that day (e.g., baptisms)? If there was a sermon, analyze it.
  • Provide a cultural and historical context for what you saw/experienced. What information from your textbook and research provides information about and contextualizes your experience? What are some of the historical roots of your experience? What parts seem more contemporary?
  • Conclude with your personal reaction to this experience and any questions you had about your experience.

This paper should be at least three (3) pages in length (1500 words) with proper APA formatting. This includes proper documentation. This is a formal academic paper so pay careful attention to the basics of writing a good English composition. There is a grading rubric that covers all the basics in the Files section of the Course Menu.




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For ages, religious places are said to have a magical and holy connection. Holy areas are associated with a particular power that may have experienced miraculous happenings such as healing of the sick, visions, people get spiritual enlightenment, and participants get inspiration and spiritual elevation. In our growing and diverse community, there is a potential risk of losing the spiritual connection due to globalization and technological advances. For that reason, the reason I chose to visit one of these sites is to experience a sense of self-exploration,

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