film paper proposal

film paper proposal

The “required reading” file is the required reading for this essay, you read this chapter and answer the question in the title.

4 sources required, one of source is the “required reading” file, which cited as “

Shafer-Landau, R. (2016). The fundamentals of ethics. New York City, NY: Oxford University Press.”

Use 3 quotes from the book, which is the “required reading”file, and few quotes from other sources you find.

Read the “requirement” file carefully for other detailed requirements. feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

 Agricultural  The Fundamentals of Ethics description 3 pages, Double Spacing
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Ethical Relativism

Morality is a highly important concept for any society as it determines the relations between people and the effort made to remain at par with the society’s expectations of individual conduct. Being social in nature dictates that people will always seek the approval of others, and in as much as one may try to claim independence or lack of interest in the public’s approval, he or she will always find that actions within a certain environment are meant to gain approval from some members of the society. However, moral values may not always be similar, and such could result in challenges where morality is an issue of concern for ideal interaction. Consequently, this results in the concept of ethical relativism, in which case a concept is determined to be ethical where an individual or the society’s perspectives on ideal practices determine the morality of a concept.

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