Film Review: A Beautiful Mind

Film Review: A Beautiful Mind

this assignment introduces students to provocative popular culture text(i.e. film)that depict individual with disabilities or differencess. you may also suggest a film with prior approval. the review should icloude 3 page summery that incloude whay you chose the film and brief summary (inclouding characters and plot) and 3 page critical analysis that will include a hypothetical overview of a selected character with disabilities and personal critique of the film that draws on your experiences in class


1.introduce the movie. mention details about the type of movie -year produced, studio, etic. what the rating of the film(G,PG,PG-13,R,..)

2.Summarize the plot( story). where and when did it take place(setting)? who are the main characters? what is the story about?

3.discuss actors/ actresses(their role).

4.what did you like about the movie ? what you did not like? be sure to incloude specific details and scenes.

5.what lesson did you learn from this story?

6.summary. what is your final word on the film?

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A Beautiful mind’ is an American biographical drama that was released in the year 2001, on 13th of December. The film focuses on John Nash’s life who was an Economics’ Nobel Laureate. The director of the film is Ron Howard…

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