Final Exam

Final Exam

What are the stages of language acquisition?

For the Final, you will answer the following short answer questions. The questions are based on the chapters we have reviewed (Chapters 8-12). You may use your book for this midterm. Each question is worth 2 points. The questions must be answered in full complete sentences. The answers are based on the chapter readings ONLY so the answers should reflect on the information in our book.

Chapter 8

  1. What are the stages of language acquisition? (1 point)
  2. What are the stages of preschool language production? List and describe.

Chapter 9

  1. What is emergent literacy? What are some of the literacy behaviors that children develop?
  2. What is the difference between drawing and writing? At what age do children begin to recognize the difference between writing scribbles and drawing scribbles?

Chapter 10

  1. What is creativity in young children?
  2. How do we observe creativity in young children?
  3. What did Rhoda Kellogg collect? What did she learn from the information she collected?

Chapter 11

  1. What is an important aspect of creativity in young children?
  2. Why is important to observe children’s dramatic play? What is learned about children?
  3. What are the teacher scaffolding strategies that can be used to support children’s play?

Chapter 12

  1. A most effective approach that many preschools adopt is to focus on the child. Describe what does this mean? Why is this approach effective?
  2. How do we use the child development checklist with parents? What happens when we encourage parents to use the Child Development Checklist at home?
  3. Making parents partners in the observation and assessment process is important. What are the parent outcomes of shared observations? What are the examples of communication methods that can be used between parent and teachers?

Answer preview what are the stages of language acquisition?


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