Final Marketing Plan

The final marketing plan should be no less than 12 double-spaced pages. The 12-page minimum length requirement excludes cover sheet, table of contents, executive summary, block quotations, references, graphs, tables, lists, extra spacing, and headings. The responses to each required section should be substantive and fully address the project requirements. The final project should include the previous project steps completed in Units II, IV, and VI and any additional content added after refining these sections based on grading feedback.

Please write objectively from the third person point of view. Avoid writing in the first-person voice (e.g., I and me) and second-person voice (e.g., you and your). In addition to serving as an internal road map, the marketing plan may be presented to investors or financial institutions, so writing in a professional and objective voice is important.

Academic work should always be supported with credible sources. You should have performed extensive secondary research as you completed the various elements of this plan and all sources should be cited and referenced per APA formatting and style guidelines. You should assemble this project with the same due diligence you would use to reduce risk for your own entrepreneurial venture.

Please use APA formatting and style guidelines (i.e., indentations, spacing, font, citations, references, etc.).

Please use section headings and subheadings that align with the plan requirements. This will serve as an outline to ensure you complete all requirements, and it makes a professional presentation.

Please review the grading rubric so you are aware of all the grading criteria.

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