Final Reflection

Final Reflection

Follow the instructions listed below and read the requirement carefully.

Paragraph 1: Introduce your topic and your main focus ( an op/ed, your main argument, etc). Also feel free to comment on what piqued your interest in the topic–was it linked to your earlier projects in the course, or is there another aspect that interested you?

Paragraph 2: After reading a series of published pieces in your genre (both in class and in your own research) what are some core features that you observe? (Be specific here.)

Paragraph 3: Who is your target public audience? Indicate specific publication or website. How would you describe that audience (based on what you learn from the publication’s own mission statement in addition to your reading of its content). Offer some details from other explainer pieces this publication has published that seem to characterize its style, tone, approach, etc.

Paragraph 4: What choices did you make in the presentation of your own piece to fit with your target public audience? Be specific.

Paragraph 5 (Optional): Any other insights about the genre that you gleaned from this assignment?

here are all the project we did this semester please reflect among those articles there are 2 are the same so we just have 3 project this semester





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Writing Experience Reflection
Marine Plastic Pollution
This writing experience gave me the opportunity to review the different impacts of change in society. Particularly, began writing byconsulting some of the most visible consequences of pollution to gain perspective on the extent of the damage. Notably, there was a time when people paid so much attention to the aesthetic value of beaches,

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