Impact of Insurance Exchange

Impact of Insurance Exchange

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Directions: There are 2 responses. Read each response and write a 100-word response for each.

Response 1.) Deborah

Funnel of Topic Discovery

Impact of Insurance Exchange
Healthcare costs continue to be a serious economic threat
Examine the cost of health insurance by comparing to other countries, uninsured to insured, and expansion of Medicaid if we need or not
Healthcare costs in hospitals, physician’s offices, urgent care, nursing homes, rehab
The focus of the research will be to look at the Healthcare costs and the value and investigate the plan of health insurance. The demanding concept that is lacking is that insurance covers individuals and families from unanticipated health emergencies. Insurance exchanges should rather prepare comprehensible shortcuts to people. The demanding concept that is lacking is that insurance covers individuals and families from unanticipated health emergencies.


Grant, Eric. (2012). Social and Economic Value of Insurance

Response 2.) Korrickia

1. Describe the topic from a broad viewpoint that overarches the field of study.

My interest involves the non-profit industry and the long-term sustainable financial goals for these organizations. From traditional fundraising and grant initiatives to the development of social enterprises and hybrid conglomerates.

2. Focus on the topic within the field of study.

Title: Tradition Forging a New Trajectory: Nonprofit Financial Sustainability. Will nonprofit organizations with a mission and vision to meet the needs of the poor, specifically, single mothers with children who are welfare-dependent produce greater financial benefit by the creation of innovative businesses that are socioeconomically and environmentally conscious, while decreasing the need for governmental assistance.

3. What has been done in the specific sub-topic area?

Nonprofit organizations have progressively extended their interests in creating for-profit entities’ which supports their missions and visions, as well as mergers which are also seen as hybrids and social enterprises.

4. Determine areas within the sub-topic that have not been researched.

One of the greatest financial challenges most nonprofits incur is the availability and competitiveness in the accrual of funding. As we have witnessed in this post-pandemic climate, the paradigm and structures of several companies and corporations faced drastic challenges and shifted how we must help to provide new jobs and working opportunities. This places nonprofits who have traditionally depended upon many of those organizations at an even greater disadvantage in obtaining the funding they need to support causes. The “gap” I’m hoping to discover which has not been addressed is how well nonprofits can be financially sustained long-term with the creation of more hybrid and social enterprises.


Requirements: 100 words a piece for both responses

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Impact of Insurance Exchange


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