Financial Services Project

Financial Services Project

Project implementation is arguably the most exciting stage of the project management process. It is during project implementation that project plans come to life and assumptions can be tested and measured in real-life scenarios.

Project documentation is also an important part of implementation. Documentation records and guides the process, specific steps taken, and inputs and outputs, and it provides additional reference and planning details needed to determine how to carry out each subset of a project.

Based on the Project Plan details, develop the following documentation for your project. All information in the documentation should align with these details in your Project Plan:
1. System diagram – a visual representation—a graphic or chart—of the components of your project
2. Network diagram – a visual representation of how data flows in your network
3. Database design document – represents all data that is stored and maintained in the context of your project and includes these specific items:
An entity-relationship diagram
A data dictionary
Table definitions
4. Cybersecurity plan – a clearly articulated plan that explains how the project data and processes will be secured
5. Simple source code – (may be partial source code) code in HTML/JavaScript, Java, C++, or another programming language for at least one software application
6. Quality assurance and software test plan
Review the Sample Software Test Plan for an example of what information is typically included and how it is typically organized in a software test plan.

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