Considerations in your scenario response

INTB1203-10:Crisis ManagementExercise
FALL 2020 Robertson
Due: upload to CANVAS

Description: The purpose of this activity is to expose students to decision-making alternatives and processes related to managing operations when an international crisis emerges. One key goal is to replicate a situation where a time sensitive deliverable is required. Also, conciseness and clarity of arguments will be emphasized through the structure of the activity. This activity is designed to reflect real world constraints, ambiguities and deliverable formats.
Counts as the ethics/CSR/Governance assignment, 5% of grade.

Format/deliverables:You must work alone.Each student has been assigned avignette based on last name. See below.

A 300 word maximum, plus one original exhibit, executive summary is due by the deadline. Late papers penalized 10% per day. Any references can be cited in your preferred format.

Considerations in your scenario response:
Alternative decisions
Impact of decisions on different stakeholders
Individuals you would involve in the decision-making process
A timeline
Reputation management

1. You are the head of Europe/Africa Operations for a major retail clothing manufacturer based in New Jersey. The head of your manufacturing operations in Egypt (a wholly-owned facility) has just informed you of a bribery scandal that has just come to the surface. It appears that Logistics managers in Egypt for your firm have been making payments under the table to customs officials at the major port where your containers leave for the U.S.A. Apparently the customs agents now want more money. Your firm has a no bribe policy yet Egypt produces more than half of your merchandise.You need to decide how to handle this situation. What other issues and challenges do you anticipate? Assess courses of action and make a recommendation.


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Considerations in your scenario response


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