Global Heath Assessment 

Global Heath Assessment 

Details: Global health assessment is a process that examines the health status of a particular group of people, identifies the sociocultural influences and major risk factors for illness in this community, and proposes interventions to address a need. For this assignment, students will complete an assessment of a population, country, disease, and international organization. Students will also consider nursing’s role in meeting the identified needs of this community.

Assignment Details:

The Global Health Assessment Project incorporates the four weekly milestone assignments and new information on nursing and the Strategic Development Goals. Please do not simply copy and paste information from your milestone assignments. This presentation should present a cohesive and integrated examination of your selected country.

Your presentation must be in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation that you could present at a nursing conference in a 15-minute session, using the template provided. You may change the design. Use the Rule of 7’sLinks to an external site. on all your slides that contain text. You may incorporate your charts, tables and graphs into your presentation. Provide an introduction and conclusion. Narrate the presentation in the notes section or you may use the audio narration function in PowerPoint. Clearly address each of the following sections:

1) Introduction and background information on your selected country (Milestone 1)
2) Analysis of the country-demographics, health status, and health systems (Milestone 2) 3) Disease/health threat overview (Milestone 3)
4) International organizations working in this country (Milestone 4)
5) Discuss nursing’s presence in meeting the health care needs of this country

6) Conclusion

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