Global market expansion

Scenario: Using the same organization and the lemonade drink from the Week 4 Learning Team assignment, develop an analysis for the bank. The bank will be using this information to make their final decision on how, and if, to fund your company’s new and unique lemonade. Through your research, you have found that the bank you will be presenting to is favorable of socially-conscience companies that support local charitable endeavors

This assignment is based off of the assignment you just turned into me.

In 100-150 words discuss how your company could expand into the global market and examine promotional methods that could be used to market your lemonade globally.

That’s what this has to do with. Jams Lemonade and the younger market for healthy lemonade



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Global Market Expansion
Based on the lemonade drink product developed in week 4, the company may develop several strategies to expand into the global market. The main method that should be considered is direct export to foreign markets where the product could be marketed (Nagel, 2012).

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