Global Strategy

Using your current organization (Starbucks), assume the role of the strategic marketing manager.
Week 1: Introduction and Suggested Market
Your chief executive officer (CEO) has made the decision to expand the organization to an international market. She has asked that you identify a region or country that would be ideal for the organization. Based on the product that the organization offers, choose a region to recommend for global expansion. Construct a business letter to your CEO containing the following information:
A rationale for the chosen country or region
A discussion of its current economy and the impact that this economy will have on the organization’s global strategy
A discussion of the market for your product within this region and its impact on the organization’s global strategy
A discussion of the culture within the region and its impact on the organization’s global strategy.
1500 words – APA format – 3 References minimum with in text citations

Would like for the company to be used to be starbucks.


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Global Strategy

International organizations that think about going into markets overseas, they usually acclimatize various entry modes strategies like mergers and acquisitions, licensing, joint venture and franchising. Thus, the savvy blend of modes of entry can be viewed as a central factor for global enterprises to progress into new external markets.  Starbucks Corporation is the biggest coffee retailer worldwide. It has prevailed internationally by implementation prudent collaborative approaches.

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