Goals and Expectations

Goals and Expectations

Assignment 1: Course Expectations and Goals. Due February 17, 2018. Write a one-to-two-page essay describing your course expectations for this semester and the purpose that this course serves for you. Mention your college major, your current job if you are working, and your responsibilities, and how you think that this course in technical writing will help you. You can also discuss what you believe your strengths and weaknesses in writing in general are or specifically such as organization, analytical/critical thinking, research, or grammar, editing, and spelling. Give this essay a title such as Assignment 2, Goals and Expectations. Put your name on the attached assignment and on every assignment not just the e-mail to me.

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My name is Helen Dickson; I am a college student majoring in Civil Engineering. I passionately love this course since my future is shaped in it. I would like to always fare well in my testing papers and do my best in the practical…

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