Grant Proposal related to Opioid Addictions

Grant Proposal related to Opioid Addictions

Please write a grant proposal to fund your Public Health Communications Campaign. Your proposal is for an unspecified dollar amount from a fictitious charitable health organization. It must include the following elements:

Identify a significant public health concern (what) and explain the impact/potential impact (why intervention is necessary or beneficial).
Identify and describe an affected and/or at-risk population of a minority, marginalized, or disenfranchised nature and explain what factors contribute to increased risk/effect among these identified population.
Reference at least 5 but no more than 10 published research studies from scholarly journals supporting this issue as a public health problem.
Develop and describe a strategic communications campaign to promote public health (prevention, intervention, maintenance of wellness) specific to the concern you selected.
Identify your specific target population and how you plan to strategically access that group.
Identify the professional disciplines, organizations, agencies, or institutions that will be involved in the communications campaign and describe their respective skills and roles in addressing/resolving the concern.
Describe and discuss at least 3 goals accompanied by 3 measurable objectives for each goal that your proposed communications campaign is expected to accomplish.
Outline and discuss the components of your proposed communications campaign content included in your grant proposal. Make sure your communication is culturally appropriate and sensitive with regard to both communication style and content and adheres to ethical principles.
Describe the implementation plan for your proposed communications campaign in terms of when, where, and how your communications campaign will be launched. Be sure to identify what form(s) of media will be utilized and justify your decision.
Reveal how the effectiveness of your proposed communications campaign will be evaluated using measurable outcomes.
Your Grant Proposal should be a maximum of 5 pages, 12-point font double spacing with 1″ margins and must adhere to APA style, including a cover page and references page.




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Grant Proposal towards the Prevention of Opioid Overuse among Teenagers in America
Project Description
Healthy Teens for America is a non -profit organization that seeks to assist teens struggling with opioid addiction. The organization was developed in 2000, and it has its headquarters in Kansa, Texas. Healthy Teens for America conducts various activities to campaign against opioid overdose among youths through their website and Facebook pages. 

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