Group 2 – Death of a patient

Group 2 – Death of a patient

Remember our PICOT question is In nurses working in a hospital setting, does participation in an educational program addressing grief and death of a patient  (P) as measured by participation in the course compared to nonparticipants (C) result in improved coping with emotional involvement in the death of a patient

And the Group topic is Death of a Patient and Emotional Involvement

The 2 articles we used is

 Esplen, M. J., Wong, J., & LS, V. M. (2022). Supporting resilience and managing grief and loss among nurses: qualitative themes from a continuing education program. Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care, 25(2), 55.

Rabow, M. W., Huang, C. H. S., White-Hammond, G. E., & Tucker, R. O. (2021). Witnesses and victims both: Healthcare workers and grief during COVID-19. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 62(3), 647-656.

Each student will contribute two to three slides for the group presentation.

Identification of problem and impact on nursing practice.

Clearly describe the research process, including what went well, barriers encountered, and what is still needed.

Correlates research findings to identified clinical issue.

Summarizes validity of qualitative and quantitative evidence.

Findings are clearly identified.

Recommends practice change with measurable outcomes and addresses feasibility issues.

Suggestions for implementation.

Conclusion of content findings

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