Have you met him yet? – By David Litt

Have you met him yet? – By David Litt

Go to The Moth websie or The Moth Youtube channel and choose TWO stories to watch. After watching both of them, type up your observations and answer these questions for BOTH:

  • First, summarize the story into a thesis statement and give a few sentences of what the story was about.
  • Did you like the story? Yes or no? Please be specific about why you liked it or did not like it.
  • What was a lesson that might have been learned by listening to this story?
  • How did the speaker do in telling this story? What was effective and what might have made this better?

When you’re done with this assignment. You will upload it here from your computer. The file you upload must be a Microsoft Word document or a PDF. Please just have one document where you’ve done two stories.If it is not either of those and I cannot read it, you will not get points. You cannot print this and bring it to class and you cannot email this paper to me. If it is emailed, I will delete it.

This assignment is worth a possible 10 points. If you do not do the assignment or do it poorly, you will receive 0 points and also lose participation points.

When writing a college paper for my class you may either write it up in essay form or simply answer the questions, but you must be thorough in your writing. You should use spell check. You should proof read. You should answer each question as clearly and as descriptively as you can. Here is an example of poor writing that will get zero points:

2. What was a lesson that might have been learned by listening to this story?

Don’t get into abusive relationships.

Why is this poor? because it’s too quick. It’s weak. it’s obvious and it looks like you’re writing this 5 minutes before it’s due.

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The narrator talks of this obsession he had for President Obama in 2008. David is then hired as a speechwriter for the White House two years down the line. This story is fascinating and I really like how easily David narrates it to the audience…
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