A brief description of the project

A brief description of the project

– I need a 12 page paper with 10 academic sources about health insurance companies in Maryland, USA.

-Paper must be 12 page not including cover page, appendices, in-text citations, and references. At least 10 references required, you are welcome to do more. It must include an executive summary at the beginning. A brief description of the project, its purpose and your role should be included as background information. A SWOT analysis is required too. ( a similar project will be attached only to help you to see the HEADINGS of the paper ).

– I will give more details about the paper when this gets assigned

– Also a copy of the presentation style is attached, I need 5 or 6 slides only
so make sure you check this document too while writing the paper. I’m an intern in UMMSHP, an insurance company. that will help in the intro and background. so you will need to work withe same headings that are in the “project example” doc I already attached. So you will need to find a problem, find a solution, analyze the problem and so on.
You may talk about medecaid and medicare too

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A brief description of the project


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