Health Biology

Health Biology

magine that you are a public health professional working for a nonprofit organization whose main purpose is to advocate and promote kidney health. Your supervisor has asked you to lead a team, with the purpose of increasing awareness of chronic kidney disease. Before you are given this opportunity, your supervisor asks you to submit a professional report, in which you convey the ideas you would use to lead the team.

In this report, you should design a campaign to increase awareness of chronic kidney disease at the state level, targeting the high-risk groups in particular. In addition, your report should identify the factors that lead to the development of chronic kidney disease and how the team could apply this information to the design of your campaign.

Assignment Directions

The report should be on topic, original, and have clear foundations in evidence-based approaches. Assignments should be at least 3 pages double spaced, not including title page and references.

Solution Preview

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is cited among the top ten causes of death globally. This medical condition occurs when the kidneys are damaged thereby inhibiting their ability to filter the blood appropriately (Sinasac, 2012). The main form of treatment for this condition is kidney…

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