Health Care Policy and Law

Health Care Policy and Law

An individual mandate is a requirement that individuals purchase health insurance. This is not a new idea. President Clinton proposed an individual mandate in 1993 as part of his Health Security Act, and other competing proposals at the time, including those supported by Republicans, also included an individual mandate.

While the individual mandate is not a new idea and has been championed by both Republicans and Democrats at different times in history, it has proven to be a politically perilous route to reducing the number of uninsured. A December 2013 poll found that 58% of respondents opposed the individual mandate, with most (84%) of Republicans against the mandate and a slim majority (57%) of Democrats supporting the mandate.

List and discuss the alternatives to the individual mandate that might accomplish the same goals without engendering so much political turmoil. Could policymakers have designed an incentive system that would be as effective as a mandate? What are the pros and cons of using a mandate versus an incentive? Can you think of incentives to encourage enrollment that have occurred in other parts of the healthcare system?

The paper should be formatted using APA (6th ed). Title page, abstract, conclusion and reference page are needed. . . . paper should be 3.5 pages in length NOT INCLUDING title page, abstract, reference page, and appendices as part of the 3.5 pages.

Grading rubric is attached

The reading assignment for this paper is out of Essentials of Health Policy and Law Third Edition:

Chapter 10: Health Reform in the United States

Chapter 11: Government Health Insurance Programs: Medicaid, CHIP, and Medicare (pages 199-214; 219-228)

I can give you my log in information for the electronic version of the book (Essentials of Health Policy an Law Third Edition by Joel B Teitelbaum and Sara E. Wilensky Copyright 2017) if you need it.


Here are some power points from our professor on those chapters. . may help. . so I attached them. . .also. . here’s a link to a video for him with chapter discussion as well (In case it helps).

20180213234920hcm_330_written_assignment_rubric_3_ (1)




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            The individual mandate is the establishment of Obamacare that necessitates most Americans to buy medical insurance coverage. It subsists to inspire individuals who are probably not going to purchase coverage mostly health individuals who contemplate premiums are a misuse of cash to join. This is essential, numerous health financial experts believe, with a specific end goal to keep premiums low. The individual mandate is the minimum well known and most provocative fragment of Obamacare, and it’s a policy that is important to influence the health reform law work. This paper will outline alternatives to this policy, whether policymakers could have planned an effective motivational system as well as pros and cons of utilizing an incentive versus mandate (Balkin, 2010).  

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