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Description of how Scripture address personality differences.


For this assignment, complete the steps in the order outlined below. For the final step, compose your work according to current APA formatting standards. Remember to write from a third-person perspective. Include a minimum of ten scholarly, peer-reviewed sources, the course textbook, and the Bible. Be sure to also include hyperlinks to the websites of source information that is referenced.

Complete Steps A-E:

A. Navigate to the 72-question Jung Typology Test via the link provided in this assignment. Complete the test.
B. Click on “Score it” and retrieve your four letter type.
C. Next, go to the Personality Page via the link provided in this assignment and investigate the various buttons for descriptions of your type and data on relationships, careers, etc. (buttons 4-8).
D. On the Personality Page, click on the “Info” button to access Information About Personality Types.
E. Once there, click on The Four Preferences, Keirsey’s Temperaments, and Overview of the Sixteen Personality Types to locate the description of your type. Hint: You will also need to review the other 15 types in order to contribute to the analysis and discussion of your team members’ types.

Complete Step F.

F. Submit a paper that includes a title page, abstract, and reference page. The body of the paper should be 10-12 pages in length and should include the following components:

• Introduction
• Description of how Scripture address personality differences.
o How do individual personality differences impact behavior?
o What are the advantages and disadvantages of having different personalities on a team/in a workplace?
o How are communication, performance management and team processes impacted?
o Include rationale, supported by scripture, for the creation of differing personality types.
• Synthesis of the results of the Jung Typology Test. Address the effectiveness of your personality type in a healthcare organization.
• Conclusion

Answer preview description of how Scripture address personality differences.


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