Health, Wellness, and Illness

Health, Wellness, and Illness

What Should You Know? Here is a summary of the major topics we covered in this course:
I. Health, Wellness, and Illness 2. Client Centered Care and Best practice 3. Therapeutic Communication, Cultural Competence, Delegation, and Teamwork and Collaboration 4. Clinical judgement and Nursing Process 5. Oxygenation and Gas Exchange 6. Infection, Inflammation, and Thermoregulation 7. Glucose Regulation and Tissue Integrity 8. Elimination 9. Pain

What Should You know? Is a ist ct •r at you snoJI:-.. know by now:

  • Is nursing (or you? • What are your strengths and areas needing development? • How diet exercise. sleep, and stress impact levels of wellness • Why client centered care is so important • How evidence-based practice influences the care given • Standard precautions and safety • The nursing process
    This is the beginning of your journey to becoming a GREAT nurse.
    Best of luck as you begin Professional Nursing 1.

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