Can Disruptive Innovation Work in Healthcare?

Can Disruptive Innovation Work in Healthcare?

Details: Can Disruptive Innovation Work in Healthcare?

In his presentation, featured in this week’s materials, Dr. Clayton Christensen applied the idea of disruptive innovation to a “broken” healthcare system. He examined the challenges facing the system and proposed a set of innovative and actionable solutions to reduce costs and improve health outcomes. Disruptive innovation is one option to address some of the difficult challenges in U.S. healthcare today, but such major change projects can be hard to implement.

As a current or future healthcare leader, how would you use disruptive innovation to improve operations across a department or organization?

How can disruptive innovation projects improve the patient experience? Provide an explicit example.

What challenges would you face, as a healthcare leader, in managing major change projects in a healthcare setting?

Please answer each question thoroughly in detail. Make sure you use APA citations using JWMI standards.

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 Can Disruptive Innovation Work in Healthcare


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