Part 1 Length 3-5 pages

Complete the following for your Key Assignment draft:

In preparation for your Key Assignment, you have discussed corrective action, resolved a management problem with employees showing resistance to change, and developed an organizational chart. Prepare a summary of these tasks.
Research and develop a mission and values statement for a facility.
Describe what types of health care this facility will provide.
Summarize their purpose and services provided, such as the type of health care, number of staff, type of staff, size, departments, and so forth.
Submit a 3-5 page paper not including title page and reference page using APA format.




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Resolved a management problem with employees showing resistance to change.
Powerlessness to alteration may influence the farthest point of a relationship to survive. In any case, laborers don’t work for the most part welcome changes in systems. The individuals who take part in active opposition may attack the change exertion and be straightforward dissenters to the new strategies.

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