Healthcare Performance Improvement

Healthcare Performance Improvement

Health care organizations (HCOs) often struggle with performance improvement and with effectively communicating performance improvement results to their internal and external stakeholders. It is equally important to communicate your successes externally for marketing and internally to continue to build on your successes. The messaging to these two groups, however, is very different.

For this project, write a paper of 3-4 pages, excluding cover page, abstract page, and reference page and discuss the following:

Describe specific initiatives, laws, and accreditation standards that can be leveraged to improve health care quality and enhance performance improvement.
Develop a communications strategy to achieve effective and efficient communication of performance data and performance improvement initiatives.
Include a plan for strategic messaging in communications to employees (to effect change) and communications to the general public (for marketing purposes).
Note: Use APA style to cite at least 5 scholarly sources from the last 5 years.




Solution Preview

Organizations of health care often strain to communicate their results of performance improvement to stakeholders both internally and externally. This paper describes the specific initiatives, laws and as well as accreditation standards that when leveraged, they can help in improving quality of care and aid in enhancing performance improvement. Secondly, the paper develops communication strategies to achieve effective as well as efficient communication of improvement initiatives of performance and performance data. Lastly, the paper analyzes plans for strategic messaging in communication to workers to effect change.

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