Healthcare Quality Standards

Healthcare Quality Standards

Question 1.

Quality is an ongoing objective for health care providers. What do you believe are the three most important indicators of quality care in a hospital? Why?

Question 2.

Locate a hospital patient safety initiative and explain the initiative. Do you think that this initiative is addressing an important issue(s) and do you think it will succeed? Why or why not?…








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Healthcare Standards

The quality of healthcare within a particular health facility is one of the primary factors that influences the outcome of treatment processes within the facility. Notably, patient safety forms a critical indicator of quality care within a hospital largely because it is not directly related to the activities involved in the delivery of care. Consequently, if the management makes an effort to ensure that the walkways and different facilities and equipment used in delivering care are safe enough, then it would have made an extra effort to ensure that the quality of services offered is unquestionable (Emanuel et al., 1). Secondly, the coordination of care contributes to safety standards as it would guarantee a reduced level of resource wastage in care delivery.

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