Helicobacter Pylori Test is Positive

A 46-year-old male presents with a complaint of “heartburn” for
> the past 3 months. He describes the pain as burning and located in the
> epigastric area. The pain improves after he takes an antacid or drinks
> milk. He has been taking either over-the-counter famotidine or ranitidine
> off and on for the past 2 months and he still has recurring epigastric
> pain.
He has lost 6 pounds since his last visit. He is a nonsmoker. His
> examination is unremarkable. His blood pressure is 118/72 mm Hg. Laboratory
> values are normal (including complete blood count [CBC]) and his serum
> Helicobacter pylori test is positive.
> 1. What is the plan of care for Mike?
> 2. What education does he need?
> Contribute a minimum of 2 pages. It should include at least (2) academic
> sources, formatted and cited in APA.

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