help with a research paper

help with a research paper

You are a senior officer in the U.S. Border Patrol and your intelligence group has received a warning that a terrorist cell is planning to launch an aerial biological attack across the southern borders of the United States, but the information you received does not identify a specific border area crossing point; therefore, you must create a plan to identify all probable entry points along the massive stretch of land that borders along Mexico and the United States. Additionally, you must plan to mitigate any attacks that could occur. Numerous scenarios can be identified, which include attacks by air, land, or by pre-planted improvised explosive devices, as well by other methods designed to release the biological hazard into the air or the local water supply system.

Your job is to identify all possible situations and provide a plan that will efficiently inspect and monitor each threatened area as well as possible sources of attack. Can you simply shut down all small plane traffic in the area? Could the biological hazard already be in place? Could the biological hazard be transported across the border through tunnels? What cities are probable targets for such attacks? What plans can you develop to ensure protection for all these cities? How far north can such attacks penetrate?

Your plan must include identification of all possible scenarios as well as your response plan based on the worst-case scenario providing proper response to the area or areas suffering from the attack as well as how you plan to protect first responders and healthcare facilities during and after the attack.

Also, for this assignment, you must include three sources that will be used for researching the Unit VII Research Paper. You are required to submit the scenario topic for your Unit VII Research Paper for approval. Provide a description of your topic and focus of your paper in the form of an abstract (at least 150 words) and provide a list of references you intend to use in your research. This may be subject to change since your topic and references will need approval by your instructor. Please contact your instructor if you have any questions or concerns.

The research paper topic assignment should be at least one page. Please forward your research scenario choice, abstract, and reference section to instructor as a single document.




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A biological or chemical attack will either feature the use of a plant toxin which will be quite lethal or bacterial pathogens. The mitigation plan will feature the possible biological and chemical agents which can be used for the attack in the specified regions. Furthermore, the mitigation will also consider different scenarios which will revolve around the release of the biological or chemical agents, that is, how the lethal agent will be released in the specified areas which have been identified by my intelligence group and the U.S.

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