Help with create an innovation paper

Help with create an innovation paper

Please help with my final paper for ENT-435. It wants me to evaluate the internal processes of an organization I worked for then come up with a solution. This is also APA format as well

Hey it’s great working with you again :).. Well just a little bit of background information about me. Some of the companies I worked for was the Army and Dominoes pizza. I was a Preventive Medicine Specialist in the Army so I would do nerdy stuff like test water pH levels, arthropod identification, soil sampling, food facility inspections. etc. I basically just made sure no one got sick. Then I worked at Dominoes pizza as a manager. Take inventory, count money, manage the schedule, make pizza’s that kind of stuff. If you have any other questions about the jobs please feel free to reach out to me.




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Domino’s pizza is one of the largest places that sell eligible good foods globally. Granted, it is more established in the United States where it was started, even around the globe it has been growing continuously. In a bit on the history, the first domino’s pizza franchise was opened in 1967 by Tom Monaghan, and since then it has been improving and growing.

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