What do you think about this article?

What do you think about this article?

Subject: REL2300 World Religions Christianity


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Topic: Christianity Discussion

Details: Christianity Discussion

Look at the variety of images of Jesus below. We do not have any eyewitness physical descriptions of Jesus; however, since he was Jewish there are some generalizations that can be made from historical studies. The Real Face of Jesus provides information and a picture of what Jesus looked like as a Jew living in Judea in the first century C.E. Basically, as a first century peasant he would have been about 5’1, 110 lbs. with short hair (lice was a problem, so long flowing hair at the time was not practical). What do you think about this article? Do some additional research to see if you can find some other images of Jesus to share. You can even explore the many different Buddha images as well. Are these two situations the same? Why or why not? Finally, is there any importance to a conversation about what a religious figure looked like?

Thumbnail image of 16 depictions of the head and face of Jesus Christ – Korean, Russian, Haitian, Native American, Hungarian, Mexican, Filipino, Female, Croatian, Swedish, African American, Chinese, Mexican Indian, Japanese, West African, European AmericanClick to Enlarge

Before writing on this topic, you should research some of the images of religious founders. This is because you are required to do research in association with each of the discussion topics so that you can provide well-informed opinions. Ensure that you provide original writing (do not copy the words of your sources) and that the citations are in proper MLA (Modern Language Association) citation format: spcollege.libguides.com/content.php?pid=98920&sid=742314.

Grading Parameters (30 points total): See: A Sample Discussion Post, Frequently Asked Questions, and the Discussion Grading Rubric.

Initial Post (5 points) – Provide a new threaded post addressing all questions posed in at least 200 words by the posted deadline: Time Schedule
Research (5 points) – Consult at least 2 academic research sources related to the topic and provide a bibliography of these sources in MLA (Modern Language Association) citation format. This list should be within the initial post.
Meaningful Participation (10 points) – Provide multiple meaningful conversations with others. Within your own thread, this means answering questions that are posed and/or providing clarification as needed. Within the threaded posts of at least one other person, provide a reply that fosters discussion. Maintain these conversations during the discussion time period as appropriate.
Writing Skills (10 points) – Demonstrate original writing and academic writing.
(Learning Objectives Assessed: 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, 3d, 4d, 5a, 5d)


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What do you think about this article


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