Who did you choose for your “Innovator”?

State you full name:(First and last name) (Not included 10 point deduction)

Answer the question: Who did you choose for your “Innovator”? Explain why you chose thisperson: as your innvator for the historical period (chapter) you chose (Not included 5 point deduction)

How will doing research on this “innovator this be beneficial to you?[Be sure you arereally interested in this person you chose to research and write about in your short paper. Whenyou are interested your choice for the” Innovator”, you possess the incentive to write a bettershort paper. (Not included 10 point deduction)

State the thesis of your short paper: A thesis statement is generally a sentence or two inlength. It states the main point or points in your paper. It is not a question rather it serves as thesummary of your argument your will make in your Innovator short paper. It is the purpose forthe paper. (Not included 10 point deduction)

What approach will you take to do the research, analysis, and writing up this shortpaper? What is the logical way to present you material (findings)? In what order will you address the contributions associated with your “Innovator? Are there any terms to define or clarify? What evidence will you present to support your assertion that this person is an “Innovator”? Do you need to address the positive and negative aspects of the “Innovator” contributions? (Not included 10 point ded0uction)

The substantive content does not include enough historical evidence to support your choice ofthe historical person as an Innovator in history?(Not enough historical evidence 20point deduction)

List of five references (use APA style):Identify at least five references for your short paper research. (Not included 10 point deduction)

Short Paper length: eight pages, of which one will be the title page. (Exceeds length 10 point deduction)

Reference List must be placed on the last page of the Innovator paper.


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Who did you choose for your “Innovator”


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