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Write an essay


Why have women been oppressed? Why have women “accepted” a second-class role in society? Draw from the following 3 materials to analyze whether or not evidence shows that women in the 20th and/or 21st century United States were oppressed, accepted a second-class role in society, rejected such oppression, and/or had a different experience. As you analyze the materials be sure to clearly identify who you are discussing (including relevant information on individuals’ or groups’ gender, sexuality, class, ethnicity, race, region, religion etc.)—as well as the historical context in which they lived (events of the time period, social/cultural norms, etc.). Please do your best to cite direct quotes and all materials properly (source name or author plus page number and/or time stamp).

The sources that HAS TO BE USED for the essay are attached

Please use the sources provided not outside sources.

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Write an essay


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