How is the artist’s work representative of the time period

How is the artist’s work representative of the time period

Final Paper Art 104 Art History (modern):

Since midterm we have covered roughly another 200 years of art history including the following:

Romanticism, Realism and Photography (chapter 12)

Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and Symbolism (chapter 13)

Modernism in Europe and America (chapter 14)

Modernism, Postmodernism in Europe and America (chapter 15)

Contemporary Art Worldwide (chapter 16)

I would like you to tell the story of this progression in five artists of your choice, one representing each of the five chapters listed above. Give each artist one paragraph and include the following:

How is the artist’s work representative of the time period, (context) and how does it reflect the artistic style or movement, (aesthetic). Cite at least one example of the artist’s work from the book by name to support your argument. You will also need to link each of the later three genres to what came before it. (Yes this is essentially the same writing assignment as your midterm using the chapters we just covered)

For example:

_____,_____ and _____ …were all key historic elements occurring during the life of __(artist’s name)__ and impacted his work in this way_______. Stylistically we see work from this time period exhibit the following characteristics_____,______ and_____… and we can see this in the piece__(name the example of artwork from the textbook)___. This new approach was a departure from the previous genre ______ when______ was the predominant ____(medium/ technique/ subject etc.)_____ used.

Note: This is a very simple example for illustration only, do not use it as template or your paper will be very dull!

A few things to remember for this final Paper:

You are expected to be sharing what you have learned from the course so far, this is not a research paper, so do not seek outside sources including those on the internet. Your textbook should be the only source of all the facts and material used in your paper. No outside sources are to be used for this assignment so no citations are necessary. If it is clear to me that you did use material from another source without citing it you will receive a grade of zero for this assignment.

Please refrain from quoting directly out of your text book, the point of a quotation is to emphasize an idea as being so important that you can’t paraphrase it without corrupting its meaning. Nothing in your textbook needs to be treated this way so put the material into your own words, write clearly and concisely. The only way a quotation could be appropriate is if you find a passage in our text where the artists him/herself is actually quoted, but even this is not likely until we get to more recent time periods. Bottom line, no outside sources, no quotations.

How it will be graded:

You will receive points for discussing the historic context of each time period, the aesthetic elements of the time period and for giving an example of the artist’s work that relates to the aesthetic and or context you are discussing. When you move onto paragraph two you will receive points for linking it to paragraph one. You will then link paragraph 2 to 3, and 3 to 4 and 4 to 5, making sure to reference how things have changed within the new time period and artistic style. Discuss the connections, is the new genre building on what came before, reacting to it etc.?

The essay will be worth 100 points and will be graded on your ability to share your knowledge and understanding of the material we have covered since midterm. To receive full credit you must follow the directions carefully. Points will be allocated in the following manner.

For each body paragraph you will earn up to 15 point (75 total). For each paragraph 5 will come from your telling how is the artist’s work was representative of the time period (context). 5 points will come from explaining how the artist’s work reflected the artistic style or movement (aesthetic). Finally, 5 will come from citing at least one example of work from the textbook by name as evidence of your argument.

An additional 20 points will be earned by linking paragraph one to two, two to three, three to four and four to five. Remember this link is your chance to explain how art progressed throughout time, what impact did the past have on the next movement?

This brings you to 95 possible points, spelling, grammar, mechanics/style are considered for the remaining 5 points but additional points could be deducted if there are major errors in this category.

as I mention above, you have to read the book because it’s not a research paper and you need to get the data from the book only I think you can find the book’s PDF online.

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How is the artist’s work representative of the time period


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