History 2301

History 2301

Answer each of the following questions in at least FOUR good sentences to get credit. Use
only the provided recording as the source of your answers. Any form which includes outside
sources will not receive credit.

  1. What were the most important similarities in the personal backgrounds of Alvin
    York and Audie Murphy? Identify Gary Cooper and fully explain how he linked their
    lives together.

Both Alvin York and Audie Murphy experienced one particularly incredible day in
combat. Describe the most astounding thing that happened to each one in each of
these cases.

What was the most interesting, most surprising, or funniest thing you heard in this
presentation? What new thing of importance did you learn about either WW I or

Which man, Alvin or Audie, had the most interesting or productive post-war
career? Fully explain.

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