What is the main idea behind this image?

What is the main idea behind this image?

Discussion explination

For this discussion, you will pick a significant object. Your object

could be a painting, a song, a dance, a photograph, a piece of art or

craft made by a human. In academia, these significant objects are also

referred to as artifacts – items we can investigate, describe, and

analyze. Artifacts can be any objects that humans conceived of as art

and deliberately crafted for practical or aesthetic purposes, or both.

The only requirements are that your object have meaning for you, and you

must be comfortable sharing it with the class.


200-300 words describing the object or expression you have chosen. Include the title, the artist or maker (if they are known to you), where the object can be found, and when it was made. Be specific. For example, if it is a painting or a photograph, describe the use of color, line, shadow, and style of the image.
An image or link to the object or medium
What is the main idea behind this image?
How does it connect to your life or to the educational journey you have started?
How has it inspired you or moved you?

part 2 send separately (write in essay format )

In this Assignment, you will continue working with the object or expression you used for the discussion. You will need at least one source from the Walden Library, Google Scholar, or other academically relevant source.
Note: Wikipedia and About.com are not considered academically relevant sources for this class.

Here are some examples of how you might research your significant object.

If you selected a family heirloom, consider finding out more about what was happening in the world the year it was made.
If it is a quilt, you could research the history of quilts.
If it is a famous painting, song, or book, there will be articles about the artist or writer readily available.
If you selected a photograph of a family member, you might research what sort of life events portraits record.
If you selected a piece of music, you might research its origins, or how it was received when it was first released.
To prepare for the Assignment:

Use the Significant Object Worksheet to evaluate your significant object. Make sure to answer every question and prompt.
Apply what you have learned in Assignment 1 by using quotation marks and citations where appropriate.
Use proper spelling and grammar.
View the rubric for grading this assignment to make sure your work aligns with how it will be graded.

A significant object is something made by a human. Another term for a significant object is an artifact. It can be something of historical significance or it can be something created today by a family member or your favorite performer. It can be any form of art or self-expression that has meaning to you. It can be anything that a human conceived of as art and deliberately crafted such as the Lascaux cave paintings.

For this assignment, you are asked to identify and analyze a significant object.

OBSERVE: Share your significant object or a link to your significant object in the space below.

Include a description of the object and research on its background. For example, information about the creator, or artist. What was happening in the world or in your life when this was made? Build on your main discussion post from this week. (150-200 words)

*** Make sure to cite your sources by including a list of any outside sources of information you are using. Remember, research is always a good thing as it shows curiosity. Apply what you have learned about academic integrity by giving credit where credit is due.

PROCESS: What does this significant object mean to you? Please explain. (150-200 words)

How has it inspired or moved you? Has it helped make your life or the life of others better? How does it connect to your life or to the educational journey you are starting along with your classmates?

ANALYZE: During this week’s discussion, you viewed several objects significant to your classmates.

How does your object compare with your classmates’ choices?How do you think your significant object communicates your life perspective to the class?What story, or small bit of story, does it tell about you? (150-200 words)

CONNECT: Discuss in your own words, how technology has changed human making and human sharing of significant objects.(100-150 words)


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What is the main idea behind this image


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