history short answers

history short answers

Why was the city such a central element in Progressive America?

How did the labor and women’s movements challenge the nineteenth-century meanings of American freedom?

In what ways did Progressivism include both democratic and antidemocratic impulses?

How did the Progressive presidents foster the rise of the nation-state?

In Voices of Freedom, #117, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Women and Economics (1898), why does Gilman foresee a “radical change in the economic position of women”?

In Voices of Freedom, #121, Mary Church Terrell, “What It Means to Be Colored in the Capital of the United States,” to what extent are the inequalities Terrell discusses the result of governmental action and to what extent the decisions of private individuals and businesses?


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History Quiz

  1. Cities were epicenter of the population. As the cities, increased and expanded inequalities of America became evident. The wealthy led a posh lifestyle whereas the paupers lavished in poverty.

2.  The labor and women’s movement challenged the meaning of freedom of the 19th century by expanding the place and space of women in the workplace.

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